McDonald’s: A Story

At around 1:53 PM, I walked into a McDonald’s establishment with the intent on ordering a McGangBang. I ordered the components to make such a creation. While opening these items I ordered (A McDouble, and a Hot and Spicy McChicken) I had the complete intention of getting what I ordered. The first item I opened though, had a terrible mistake. I had opened the Hot and Spicy McChicken, and to my surprise, the sandwich lacked one key component: The chicken patty itself. Unfortunately, we were at another fast food restaurant, Sonic, when I came to this realization. After the arrival at my destination, I called the store, and explained the situation. Thankfully, the floor manager was quite kind, and offered to give me a free Hot and Spicy McChicken in place of the bun and lettuce I received.

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